What a Great Time with Friends

I have a friend that is going to be forty years old and he decided that until he turned forty, he would celebrate his birthday at his home. He always had a weekend full of booze and food and lots of adult party games. We always have fun but I knew that since he wasn’t married he was going to start slowing down with his partying. We found a platinum Toronto party bus rental company that was going to allow us to chip in and all pay for a limo for his last year as a party boy. He did not have any children or a wife, or even a girlfriend but he decided by the time that he was forty that he would be slowing down. Continue reading →

A Old Man Who Just Can’t Stop Partying

Just a few months ago, my grandfather celebrated his 75th birthday. He’s not like other people his age. He’s more of an anomaly, always doing crazy things and pushing his body beyond the boundaries of what someone his age should be. He can party like a young man, and dance like one too. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he told me that he wanted to rent a Diamond Limo Party Bus and just party the night away. I went along with his wishes and rented the bus for him to have his grand party.

He rode around in the bus that night, meeting up with various people and picking them up for a fun night. You have to have a lot of energy and stamina to keep up with my grandfather. Sometimes I can barely keep up with him, and I’m younger than half his age. Continue reading →

We Used a Toronto Party Bus to Show off Canada for Our Relatives from the States

Relatives came up to visit from the States. They only live just a few hours away, but they have never been to Canada. We have been to visit them a few times. Since this was their first visit, we wanted to make it special. We made sure we took our vacation time to coincide with their visit. They last time they were planning to come up was about the time it was decided that passports were needed to cross the border. Now that they had all their paperwork in order, we went ahead and rented a Toronto limo bus for a specific day to show them around to our favorite things to see. Continue reading →

How To Find A Cheap Hotel


People who love traveling are always in the lookout for the most affordable rates that are available on almost everything that will complete their journey. This includes everything from flights, tour guides to the most reasonable hotel deals. There are a lot of ways in order for you to find cheap hotel deals. You might be amused in the end that finding a cheap hotel is a lot uncomplicated than you actually thought about.

The habit of letting a travel agent take care of everything that you will need to prepare for your journey is the habit of the wealthy group. Since the topic in this article is about saving on hotel deals, giving the travel agent full responsibility of looking for a cheap hotel is of course, not recommended. Put in extra effort and attention in searching for hotel choices before making the final choice.

It would be a great help if you will practice the act of asking. You will be able to gather essential points that will guide you in finding a cheap hotel. Ask friends who have been visitors of the country you prefer to visit. You might be surprised of the many suggestions that they can give especially with regards to hotel accommodations. Consolidate all possible hotel choices that are available in the country that you are about to visit.

The Internet is an effective tool when you are looking for the best hotel deal for you. Travel websites and online booking services have a wide list of hotel choices ranging from a cheap hotel to luxurious hotels for those who are not budget-conscious. Looking for a discount hotel? The Internet is also a helpful source where a multitude of hotels including hotel motels to complete your needs at a value that you can afford. A hotel motel is a lodging mostly situated along the road, perfect for a night’s sleep and is characterized as a hotel with parking space provided near the room. This type of hotel is more reasonably priced. Typically, motels can be found along the highway or mountain towns. If you have no idea of a particular travel site, online search engines can help you find the best possible hotel information essentially important for future travelers.

Finding a cheap hotel does not essentially mean considering only the lowest deal and not putting enough attention on why it is offered at a suspiciously lower price than other hotels. Consider key points like safety location and availability of facilities. It is better to pay a little more and take pleasure in a memorable vacation rather than pay at the lowest rate and experience disaster.

Traveling on a limited budget does not necessarily mean settling for a choice that we may later on regret simply because we chose a cheap hotel without considering other

How To Find The Best Cheap Hotel Breaks


A cheap hotel break these days is an essential activity that most of us will take throughout the year. Staying home in the UK is as popular as every with cheap hotel breaks to the major cities such as London, Edinburgh, Manchester being incredibly popular. With a wealth of new independent hotel groups now providing an array of hotel experiences from modern contemporary city design hotels to neo classical country mansions the choices for a hotel break in the UK is now huge.

It is no wonder that with busier lifestyles than ever before most people are taking shorter and shorter holidays and hotel breaks. The whole of Europe has now opened up for cheap hotel breaks with the rise of the low cost flight companies and the future for the industry is that there will be low costs flight companies starting up for places such as India and Asia, the whole world will soon be available for short hotel breaks. When you match this with the number of people that have a larger disposable income there is little wonder that so many people are embarking on short hotel breaks on their weekends.

The rise of the cheap hotel break has been mainly due to the airlines and the huge leap forward in internet search technologies. As a consumer it provides unlimited options for finding the hotel you require at the lowest price. So many hotels can now be accessed in so many ways and websites that it is rare that you will ever find a cheaper price by going directly to the hotel. It also makes your search much quicker and simpler because instead of having to trawl through a number of independent listings you can compare the hotels by price, star rating and other criteria in a few simple clicks.

A cheap hotel break at the moment is to travel to Eastern Europe, you can find some fantastic 4 and 5 star properties in places such as the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Croatia and Estonia. This means that if you are prepared to travel a few hours extra on a flight, you can stay in tremendous luxury and star quality properties for the same price as a three star hotel in Western Europe and the UK.

This is one of the main reasons that Eastern Europe is so popular in both the winter and the summer. You can essentially get more for your money abroad and with cheap flights now available to almost everywhere in Europe, and northern Africa, going abroad for a luxury break can work out cheaper than staying in the UK for a cheap one.

We have more opportunities than ever to source cheap hotel breaks and if you are prepared to travel you will ensure that you never pay too much for a break, ensuring that you can visit more places each year without spending too much. So make the most of these sites because they will ultimately let you compare hotels quickly and simply. The added benefit of these sites is that photos of each hotel in one place make searching much easier.

How To Find Quality When Searching For A Cheap Hotel


What hotel groups provide the best value for money when booking a cheap hotel, this is a question people will often ask themselves prior to booking a city break or short break.

If you are looking for a cheap hotel in a major city, often it is a great idea to search out boutique hotels or small privately owned groups. If you do your research then you can find that they will offer some great prices due to the fact that they are not tied to a major group, this will often ensure you get more for your money. When looking for a cheap hotel it is often tempting to stick with the major brand hotels such as Marriott, Hilton and others when deciding what to book, however with a little research you will almost always get more for your money at an independently run hotel.

A cheap hotel should not mean a 3 star hotel, in this day an age it is possible to get some great deals on 4 and event 5 star branded hotels. A clever idea is to investigate local tourist websites and other travel sites to find out peak seasons for cities, if you visit cities off season, or just outside of their most popular seasons then it is possible to get more for your money and find a really good but cheap hotel that would normally be out of budget in peak season.

When searching for cheap hotels in areas such as Europe, it is also worth noting that certain cities can be cheaper than others. The more East you travel into Europe the more hotel you get for your money. Places such as Prague, Latvia, Budapest, Poland and other areas allow you to book 4 and 5 star hotels for a price that is incredibly cheap compared to cities such as Paris, London and Barcelona.

It is important that you research the hotel groups in more distant places thoroughly and when searching on a hotel booking website ensure you look for hotel groups that appear often. Many of the major brand hotels may not show, however if booking somewhere less popular then it can sometimes be more comforting to book a major worldwide brand hotel such as Millenium Copthorne or Holiday Inn. By booking a major brand hotel then you can be certain that you will get similar facilities that you would expect from that hotel group.

Think In Your Economy And Book Cheap Hotel Amsterdam


Amsterdam is perfect to explore in few days. The city is small and very liberal, so, feel free to express yourself. Many people identified Amsterdam with windmills. These monuments are traditional in the Netherlands. You should visit windmills and take pictures, even there is a windmill that functions as a wedding location, the Sloten Windmill. Remember to book a room in a Cheap Hotel Amsterdam to stay in the Holland’s capital.

Holland as all countries in Europe uses Euros as currency, take your precautions and change part of your money if you come from other continent. Dollars also are accepted but in few places. Public transport in Amsterdam is not a problem, you can go anywhere of the city from the Central Station. Here, people can take the metro or different buses to get around in Amsterdam. You will find a Cheap Hotel Amsterdam near The Central Station.

There are a large number of companies throughout the town that rent bicycles, the main transport in the city. It is an excellent exercise and smart way to save money. In this kind of vehicle you’ll have pretty much access all areas of the city. Bicycle theft is common in Amsterdam, so, take your precautions and rent a chain too.

Anne Frank House is very popular in Amsterdam. In this house, Anne Frank wrote her famous daily during the German occupation in the World War II. She, her family and some Jewish people were hidden in the house’s basement more than two years. Don’t forget to buy Anne Frank’s book, it is really interesting. Cheap Hotel Amsterdam is waiting for you.

A Peaceful Stay In Cheap Hotel Amsterdam


The best way to begin you exploration around Amsterdam is taking a canal cruise. You can choose between various kinds of services. There is a service that lets you stop and explore, buy your ticket and observe Amsterdam from a new perspective. Tickets are not expensive and the experience is unique. Dutch people are very liberal, so, if you see something weird you shouldn’t give it much importance. The most important is book Cheap Hotel Amsterdam.

Amsterdam also has museums for children. It is the Nemo Science Center. Here, visitors, especially children will discover the wonderful world of science and technology in a playful and entertaining way. This museum is very popular in the school’s excursions. There is a recommendation that visitors must follow according the museum’s rules: you can touch everything, it is permitted. According to Nemo Science Center’s politic, children learn more experiencing.

If don’t speak Dutch, don’t worry, Dutch people also speak English. Cheap Hotel Amsterdam can give you more tips of the town. Eating in Amsterdam is delicious, local gastronomy has many variants, especially Asian variants such as Indonesian and Thailand food. If you want another alternative for eating, Amsterdam is full of snack bars that provide fast food at cheap prices.

Take a stroll in the Vondelpark is very recommendable to have a relaxing moment. Vondelpark is the largest park in The Netherlands. During the summer months there are many outdoor activities and events (concerts) that take place here. Many people also visit the park to take a picnic or simply rest after a long day working. It is important to mention that all activities in Vondelpark are free. Amsterdam offers more what you expect, come and book Cheap Hotel Amsterdam.

How To Find A Cheap Hotel In Madrid

Your flight is booked, your bags are packed and you are most certainly very excited about your first and so long desired Spanish vacation. Madrid is waiting for you and the only thing that’s left in order for your vacation plan to be perfect is finding the most appropriate hotels in Madrid where to look for vacancies. Finding hotels in Madrid is not a difficult task, but factors like the purpose of your trip, financial possibilities and most of all, the availability of rooms have to be taken into consideration. If you find yourself in Madrid only on business, without a lot of time to spend in your room except during the night, then your choice of hotels in Madrid might be less demanding. Otherwise, you have to think of other details as well, not only about the bed you sleep in or the quality of the food at the restaurant. Location as well as other facilities can be crucial for a successful vacation. It’s not difficult to imagine that the busiest period of the year is late spring until early summer when hotels in Madrid are packed with tourists impatient to visit the Prado Museum or the Royal Palace, to take pictures of the Spanish capital and drink the famous sangria. Therefore, it could turn out to be quite difficult to find vacancies in many of the hotels in Madrid during this time of the year. Just like anywhere else, the hotels in Madrid offer cheap, expensive or exclusive services. You can easily try an Internet search and find out comparisons between the services and rates offered by Madrid hotels in just a few minutes. Cheap hotels offer common services that you can find in any decent hotel: air conditioning, a TV lounge and a bar. Exclusive Madrid hotels offer rooms decorated in an unique manner (such as Hotel Santa Domingo), electronic locks, fax machines, secretary services, computers, babysitting services, interactive TV or marble bathrooms. Your choice depends on how much you are willing to spend. Since Spain is also a country with many immigrants, Madrid hotels can be also a source of exotic cuisine. Therefore some people prefer choosing a better rated hotel so they can enjoy some interesting meals that might be completely different from their traditional ones. In order for you to make your staying in Madrid as comfortable as possible, you should also consider what you would like to do during your vacation. This will enable you to make the best choice when it comes to choosing one of the hotels in Madrid. If you would like to spend most of your vacation in Madrid shopping, then it is best to consider booking a room in a hotel close to the center of the city where most of the shopping centers are. If you are a big fan of football and you would like to see the famous Santiago Bernabeu stadium every morning when you wake up, you should consider booking a room in one of the hotels in Madrid close to the area where the stadium is located. If you are looking for Madrid hotels located in the center of the city they will be more expensive, but you will also save time traveling from one visiting objective to another or from taking the subway, the bus or a taxi to get downtown from another district. If you have time for a longer vacation this may not be a problem, but if you only have a few days and want to visit as much as possible you should look for hotels in Madrid located closer to the center of the city. However, if you plan to travel during your vacation and go see some other cities in Spain such as Barcelona or Valencia or Bilbao, you should consider this when looking for hotels in Madrid as sometimes there are special packages for people who plan to take a tour of some of the most interesting cities of a country such as Spain. Just like Madrid hotels, hotels from other cities can be placed in a wide range of prices and therefore you can choose a cheaper package or an exclusive one for more than one city. When looking for hotels in Madrid you should also consider the fact the busy nightlife in Madrid (especially during summertime). If downtown is your first choice – where the nightlife is at its peak – you should keep in mind that you might be woken up very early in the morning by people heading home after a party night. Therefore, you might want to make sure that your room is either provided with a sound proof window-closing system or that you have a view on the other side of the hotel. Consequently, Madrid hotels offer the same facilities as hotels in most of the cities of the world. There are affordable ones for anyone, no matter the financial possibilities and there are some which can dazzle through comfort as well as prices. Choosing from the wide range of Madrid hotels at your disposal is only a matter of how much importance you give to the accommodation part of your Spanish vacation.

Cheap London Hotel

Online hotel reservation allows you to reserve a hotel in advance to virtually any destination worldwide. There are many quality websites on the Internet that offer online hotel reservation facilities to worldwide destinations. Most of these websites also offer special hotel discount rates, virtual hotel tours, a list of hotel room facilities, hotel reservation tips and a lot more service to make your choice easier. Why reserve hotels online? There are many benefits of reserving your hotel online. Some of them are as follows: • Most online hotel reservation websites allow you to take a virtual tour of discount luxury hotels so that can help you to decide better. • As online reservation websites have hundreds of hotel listings, you get a chance to compare between different discount hotel rates, hotel amenities and fix up on the best deal. • You can get direct access to any hotel discounts, special offers or hotel events and cash-in on them. • Online hotel reservations are much faster than conventional methods allowing you to book a hotel room way in advance. • Many online reservation websites give you information regarding discount hotels and combination deals allowing you to save up on money. • You can get access to hotel brochures, discount coupons, festive offers and more. • Most hotels offer ‘cancellation policies’ on your hotel reservations that give you flexibility. Things to Check before/after hotel reservation • Check discounted hotel rates for extra person, included breakfast, parking facilities, hotel shuttle services, pet policies etc. • Check and carefully read the cancellation policy the hotel offers • Check for special interest rates if any • Check if the hotel offers special customer requests (customer request facility allows you to book a room of your choice) • Check if the room rate is per person or per night • Check for status of your reservation through mails/websites and enquire if delayed • Make sure your hotel reservation is confirmed (generally confirmation should take place in 2 -5 hours for real time reservations) It is no longer necessary to pay extravagant prices. Deals are found daily, whether it’s an overage of seats on a specific airline, or unreserved room in major hotels; there is a reasonable travel package with your budget in mind. Travel agents of course, will be able to find some great deals, but when the seasoned traveler makes use of the Internet, it opens up a whole new selection of travel deals. While the prices are unrivalled at times, there are some steps that need to be taken to ensure that you are in fact, getting not only a good travel package, but also, a great one! All of these will package airfare, hotel, car, and even schedule major attractions or entertainment at the click of a button. The prices are often much lower than an agencies advertised package price, and are just as reliable. Cruise travel packages under the budget category have become as popular as air travel and are also offered through Internet travel companies.